Burning Resin Incense

Burning resin incense is the best and most effective way to burn resin and enjoy the aroma of the smoke, it has been used by many for centuries and is still used today by millions across the globe. Many people burn resins like frankincense & myrrh to help them relieve stress, anxiety, or any type of weight they might be carrying throughout the day. 


How To Begin Burning Resin Incense

First, you will need something to place your resin in, and the most and widely used object is an incense burner. It is recommended that the burner is either brass, stone, or ceramic, as it will help keep the heat contained. 

Second, it is recommended that you add about 2" of sand into the burner, this will help achieve stability and security for the resin, and help keep the charcoal going for a longer time. 

Third, bring a quick light charcoal disk, they are most commonly used as they are easy and quick to light with a lighter, use tongs to hold the charcoal and burn the charcoal with the lighter until the charcoal is lit. Place the charcoal in the sand with the bottom of the charcoal facing up.

Fourth, place the desired resin on top of the charcoal and enjoy a smooth and aromatic experience


Best Incense Resin To Burn

There are many types of resin a person can burn, but the best and most common type of resin is Frankincense. Frankincense is the oldest and most holy type of resin that has been for thousands of years dating back to early Egypt. There are many medicinal uses to Frankincense, some of which were to treat injuries and specific diseases, and many more. Frankincense is also considered a spiritual and holy type of incense as it was given to the infant Jesus christ [peace be upon him] along with gold and myrrh


burning resin incense
Royal Green Hojari Frankincense 
burning resin incense

  Royal Black and Green Hojari Mix


burning resin incense