How does Incense burning elevate meditation?


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Meditation is an ancient technique that has been used for thousands of years, and it was first-ever recorded by the vedas in 5,000 B.C India, and is still used today by many religions and people from all across the world. Meditation is simply the act of avoiding distractions and excessive thoughts and focus only on one thing. This is known to help people achieve a calm and relaxed state of mind that can help the individual evaluate and look at their thoughts to act accordingly to them. There are many forms of meditation that are used and the way each person meditates is different. 


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Why should I burn incense while I meditate? 

Many people find it difficult to focus when they try to meditate, and sometimes they might need some external tools that can help them achieve a calm and peaceful state of mind. One of the oldest ways used by Buddhism is burning incense. Incense can help the person feel calm and collected which encourages the person to focus on the smell and avoid any outside distractions. It is also shown that burning Incense such as Royal Hojari Frankincense could have not only health and medicinal benefits but also spiritual and environmental benefits


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Some people take it a step further and combine the incense with Buddhist bracelets, this motivates the mind to avoid any excessive thoughts and behaviors and focus on the only two tasks the individual is doing. This would encourage an individual to replace any negative thoughts with positive affirmations which are shown to boost a person's confidence and self-esteem, which over time, is shown to help people overcome any mental barrier they might be facing. 



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