The Master
Who is the master of Incense? 

The master of incense is a family-owned business that specializes in making any type of incense from natural incense sticks to incense cones, we have been dealing in incense for the past four generations and have served a variety of royalties and presidents across the middle east and north Africa. we are now excited and proud to have our business introduced to the online market.

The Story:

The story of Master of Incense started in Oman with our great grandfather Naji Al-ki, who began working with a Japanese incense maker (Mr. Kodo) to learn from him the ancient Buddhist ways of using and making incense. After the passing of Mr. Kodo, Our grandfather decided to take the skills he learned from Mr. Kodo and add his twist to it by combining Japanese incense with Arabic incense. His thinking outside the box allowed his special mixes of incense to be popular locally, which allowed him to open his services and slowly expand across the Arabian peninsula and North Africa.


Our incense making has been established in Muscat, Oman back in 1910 and has spread across the Middle East and parts of Africa, Currently we are located in Houston,Texas. Throughout time, we were considered as a private company that only Royalty and high ranking officials would order from, but now we are proud to expand our vision and have our business open to the public for the first time.





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