9" High Quality Tulip Incense Sticks For Emotional Balance

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9" High-Quality Tulip Incense sticks

Burning Time: 40 minutes to 1 hour.

The Master of Incense incense sticks are designed to help bring stability and balance not only to your energy but to your surroundings, we make sure that the ingredients we use in our incense are natural and not artificial. These Tulip incense sticks have a rich floral and spicey smell with a hint of honey-like aroma that can fill your setting with positive energy and clean vibes that help attracts deep love and positive vibes. 

Origins of Tulip Incense 

Tulip is originally from Kazakhstan. In the 16th century, a part of Kazakhstan was captured by the Ottoman Empire. The tulip was found in the mountains of Kazakhstan and the Ottomans were very fascinated with its charm. Some tulips were brought to modern-day Turkey and planted in the fields of the most influential people in the Ottoman Empire. Constantinople had the most beautiful gardens where many people came to appreciate the flowers. Every year when the tulips bloom, a big performance was presented by the Sultan.

Spiritual Uses of Tulip

Spiritual Uses of Tulip

Tulips are most generally regarded as the symbol of perfect love. The Turks used them in love potions or placed them on shrines during love spells. They can be used to improve desire and build connections, both new and old. Moreover, tulips are also used in the flower language. Red is a testimony of love, yellow lost love, and black meant a heart flaming with love. Aside from their relationship with love, tulips also propel other positives forces such as prosperity and security. They were often worn to safeguard against hardship and bad luck. Because of the wide variety of colors, tulips can be used in a variety of color magic, including prosperity and protection spells.

Magical Properties of Tulip

Magical Properties of Tulip

Tulip is known to be associated with the astrological sign Aries, a fire sign that emits confidence and fierce energy, Tulip is known to positively enhance the second chakra called the sacral chakra which is associated with emotion and balances it back to its natural state, it is also associated with the planet Venus which also aligns with the Aries sign this does not only apply to your chakra but to your setting as well. 



The incense stick is a bamboo incense sticks with charcoal hand-dipped in all-natural Tulip essential oils for 18 hours and dried for 3 days.


Disclaimer: Light up the incense stick in a ventilated area and keep away from pets and children, do not inhale the smoke, and do not stand directly above it, Some people may be allergic to certain incense fragrances, please see a doctor before use. Any medicinal benefits mentioned in this article are for informational purposes only and it is up to you to do your research.