9" High Quality White Sage Incense Sticks For Emotional Energy

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9" High-Quality White Sage Incense Sticks

Burning Time: 40 minutes to 1 hour.

The Master of Incense incense sticks are designed to help bring stability and balance not only to your energy but to your surroundings, we make sure that the ingredients we use in our incense are natural and not artificial. These White sage incense sticks have a rich herbaceous, woodsy, and slightly astringent scent that can fill your setting with positive energy and clean vibes that help push away negativity. 

What Does White Sage Incense Smell like

White sage belongs to the group of mint and is widely used in incense, and essential oils. The smell of sage is like smelling a mint that brings coolness to the nostrils and gives you excellent cooling perceptions in your head.

When you use sage in food, you feel the strong fragrance, but if used in excess, you may not like it. The fresh leaves of common sage can be bitter and sometimes taste fishy. You should avoid old sage leaves as these are very harsh and emits a powerful aroma.

Benefits Of Burning White Sage Incense Sticks

Benefits Of Burning White Sage Incense Sticks

People burn white sage incense sticks for different reasons. Incense burning is popular with people as it's based on the faith that sage smoke removes the negative force from the house and brings happiness and positive vibes to the area.

For few, this may not sound very reasonable, and there is indeed no clear evidence behind it. But sage is an herb that has several therapeutic qualities. When you burn the sage, it releases the chemical that aids purify the aura and the natural environment.

Many people claim that burning sage incense sticks and spreading them inside their house helps them unwind and feel good about themselves. They claim it to be an outstanding strain reliever and use it as a spiritual ceremony for individual care.

Several civilizations had the idea of burning herbs to bring assertive vibes, and south Americans had a deep-rooted tradition of burning sage. They sang secret mantras and followed severe procedures to get the benefits out of it.

sage magical properties

Sage Magical Properties

Sage is said to push away evil, and it is often used in traditional cleansing rituals when dried and smudged. It is linked with knowledge, good luck, and even death. Sage develops emotional energy and can help to relieve grief.

Sage incense is used for smoke cleansing, protection, and redemption. Sage is associated with the wind and earth elements and is governed by Gemini while being connected with the Gods Jupiter and Zeus. 

How to Use Sage in Magic: Sage is often burned for cleansing ceremonies. Burning sage incense is meant to purify the space of bad energy or spirits. Some examples of when sage should be burned include after a death in the family, when you move into a new home, after a negative presence in your home, or during the changing of seasons




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The incense stick is a bamboo incense sticks with charcoal hand-dipped in all-natural Clove essential oils for 18 hours and dried for 3 days.


Disclaimer: Light up the incense stick in a ventilated area and keep away from pets and children, do not inhale the smoke, and do not stand directly above it, Some people may be allergic to certain incense fragrances, please see a doctor before use. Any medicinal benefits mentioned in this article are for informational purposes only and it is up to you to do your research