9" High Quality Palo Santo Incense Sticks For Positive Energy

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9" High-Quality Palo Santo Incense sticks 

Burning Time: 40 minutes to 1 hour.

The Master of Incense incense sticks are designed to help bring stability and balance not only to your energy but to your surroundings, we make sure that the ingredients we use in our incense are natural and not artificial. These Palo Santo incense sticks have a rich pine smell with a hint of lemon that can fill your setting with positive energy and clean vibes that help attracts riches.


History of Palo Santo

Throughout Amazonia, shamans have been using Palo Santo incense in medicinal practices to help with relieving symptoms of common colds and flu, asthma, headaches, stress, anxiety, emotional pain, and various other diseases.

Shamans would use the wood in ceremonies and routines, concluding that the resulting smoke would clean the surrounding atmosphere. Many also believed that burning incense would result in protection.

The palo santo tree has a long cultural history in Peru, dating all the way back to the Incan Empire. The wood and resin were very popular among original populations due to their highly unique fragrance and several believed it to hold healing properties.

Spiritual benefits of Palo Santo


Spiritual benefits of Palo Santo

Palo santo adjusts your body to the waves of the universe, according to shamanic wisdom when the smoke from Palo Santo incense enters our individual energy range the tree spirit in this incense clears away negative thoughts, unfortunate situations, wards off evil spirits, and helps to re-establish peace and balance.

Burning a Palo Santo incense stick for a minute or two will creates a comfortable, peaceful fresh smoke that will clear your space of negative energy. To amplify the effect, put a positive intention into the smoke before purifying yourself, or the area around you. 

Use Palo Santo's uplifting properties to raise your wave before meditation by keeping energies grounded and purified. It will make it easier to reach a deeper link to your inner self while improving attention and strengthening your connection with the earth.


Palo santo Magical Uses & Elements that governs Palo Santo

Palo santo Magical Uses & Elements that governs Palo Santo

palo santo incense sticks are ruled by air and water with a planet connection to Mercury and Venus, this helps people who have the astrological signs of Gemini, Virgo, and Aquarius feel more aligned with their chakra as it helps re-align Sacral Chakra which is responsible for sexual and creative energy, Heart Chakra which is responsible for compassion affection, love, and Crown Chakra which is responsible for spiritual connection and transformation.


The incense stick is a bamboo incense sticks with charcoal dipped in all-natural Palo Santo essential oils for 18 hours and dried for 3 days.

Disclaimer: Light up the incense stick in a ventilated area and keep away from pets and children, do not inhale the smoke, and do not stand directly above it, Some people may be allergic to certain incense fragrances, please see a doctor before use. Any medicinal benefits mentioned in this article are for informational purposes only and it is up to you to do your research. 


high quality Palo Santo incense sticks